Emma's Kitty Corner Interview: Tiklaus from Kayelle Allen's Bringer of Chaos Sci-Fi Series!

This is Emma here, your feline host and goddess. Surely you've heard of me before. I thought it might be fun to have some more kitty guests on this blog, which I'm, of course, stealing away from my favored human now and then. Today, we have a special, purrfect treat...a cat character who has come to inform us about his life, and a little about the book he is featured in. Tiklaus, take it away!


Emma: Welcome, Tiklaus, to Kitty Corner, where cool cats like us are featured. 

What a lovely coat you have! It almost rivals my own, sleek and refined...well, you know what I mean. Though I guess we don't look too much alike, since I'm a calico. And I must say, Tiklaus, you are quite larger than the other kitty guests we've had on the blog. They were more, um, er, domesticated.

Oh, my! Good grief...who is this thing you've brought with you? You know humans are not allowed on here. 

The companion of Tiklaus: